It was an ex-colleague that got me into this whole idea of Candy Buffet. Her Big Day is coming in six months. She requested me to create a Candy Booth at the ceremony. I know I’ve heard it somewhere, where people do some sort of a buffet that’s filled with different types of candies and lollies and even other desserts for their guests. So I contacted Uncle Google, clicked on the images, and I was so astounded and impressed. You just can’t get your eyes off from looking at the amount of creativities being put into decorating a table of sweet delicacies. Some even have their own carts. It was amazing. That’s when I felt the boiling passion of art urging its way to get out of the body and slapped me in the face saying that – “You can do it too”.

The first step taken is to buy all the jars, flowers, bird cages, wooden stands, mini drawers and whatever antique yet beautiful items for the decorations. It’s just a first theme to start off with. Searching for the candies and snacks are the best part because of all the colors and shapes and flavors – tempting your taste buds and fishing your eyes. It’s filled with smile and laughters.

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